Tell Them To Care: It’s Time to Invest More in Care

Tell Them To Care

Ontario’s long-term care and retirement home corporations must provide better care for our seniors.

People rely on these facilities because they simply can’t be there for their aging family members in the way they deserve. As we’ve seen, many families have gone to the media concerned that current levels of staffing are failing to meet the needs of their loved one in care. And frontline staff are telling us there are just too few of them to provide the kind of compassionate care that reduces isolation and loneliness.


This June some of the largest long-term care and retirement homes corporations will be negotiating new terms that could result in more frontline staff to provide more care for seniors in need.


Something must be done to improve the system and you can help.


You can tell these large corporations and their millionaire CEOs to invest more of their profits in care.

Tell Them To Care.

Send the CEOS a Message:
It’s Time to Invest More in Care

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